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Successful manufacturers and distributors have one thing in common: they focus on core competencies and don’t let distractions get in the way. But the table-stakes in today’s business climate include increased expectations for “performance” imposed by internal and external stakeholders.

Customers, employees, investors, and the community in which your facility operates all demand financial performance as well as environmental responsibility.

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Who We Service

  • Manufacturing & Industrial Facilities
  • Distribution Centers and 3PL’s
  • Food and Beverage Processors and Packagers

Cumberland Recycling can help reach performance goals by partnering with facilities to manage high-volume process wastes, discards, and byproducts for their highest and best use, minimizing costs and landfill, maximizing value and diversion, helping ensure a successful today and a sustainable tomorrow.


Process Waste and Waste Resourcing

“Trust the Process.”

Managing “process waste” (waste resource) resulting from an organization’s day-to-day production requires a tailored approach. It must be customized to fit an operation’s requirements and limitations—on space, personnel, and budgets. Cumberland Recycling has been implementing and managing waste and recycling programs long enough to understand that one size does not fit all. We design and implement an efficient and cost-effective commercial recycling system to support your plant’s sustainability journey.

Recyclables Are Not Sold, They’re Bought

Delivering recycling management programs that ensure “highest and best use” requires constant research and market knowledge to help ensure that we’re engaging those buyers that value your operations’ discard or byproduct as a feedstock in their production.

In managing food waste, Cumberland Recycling uses the EPA’s food waste hierarchy to deliver the highest and best use value for our clients. Knowing where to go with each product and considering things like transportation, logistics, and regional markets is how we ensure that our clients leverage the full value of their discards and byproducts.

Operational Byproduct and Waste Management

“The Truth Will Set You Free”

Your operation’s byproducts and discards (waste) is a commodity and it has value. For a waste management company, that value is the space it takes up in their landfill (and what they can charge for the privilege of burying it there). We come from the perspective that when your discards and waste (resources) can be directed to an organization which uses that same material to create something new, it has a very different and positive value. Knowing what this is and finding the organizations that can use this, is how we unlock that value to ensure our clients maximize the return on their waste resources.

Financial and Environmental Benefits

“It’s not a sprint. It’s a marathon.”

Hitting both financial and environmental goals is a balance. We get that. We can help you understand the opportunity costs (and benefits) when implementing changes in the operation’s internal processes. Ensuring that this knowledge is known and shared will not only help meet annual budgets and objectives this year but will also create a foundation for long-term financial and environmental success.

Environmental Benefits

2020, Cumberland Recycling Highlights:

  • Directed 4,933 tons of food waste for a global snackfood brand for use as an ingredient in high-quality livestock feed rations
  • Redirected 372 tons of products for a US-based Asian foods label reducing disposal costs by $51,270
  • Converted 1,280 tons (300,000 gallons) of syrup to equine feed eliminating $48,750 in disposal costs and generating $34,965 in revenue
  • Converted over 150 tons of wood pallets and crates into mulch and out of the landfill saving a tier-1 automotive supplier over $3,600 while helping meet their 2020 sustainability goals
  • Directed over 300 tons of plastics to processors to be converted into pellets for use in new products
  • Recovered over 500 used barrels and IBC totes for reconditioning and resale
  • Exported over 100,000 pounds of burlap sacks for reuse by cocoa farmers in West Africa
  • Donated 2 truckloads of food to an Ohio food bank from a relocated food plant

Financial Benefits


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