Inventory Cleanouts & Event Waste

From time to time, most well-run businesses are faced with aging, outdated, or obsolete inventories of product or the raw materials that go into their production. Managing stock that is no longer producing revenue is burdensome and costly. Since 2018, Cumberland Recycling has been helping businesses unlock the value in excess or obsolete inventories, including everything from frozen-food inventories to plastic and cardboard packaging, freeing up valuable plant and warehouse space.

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Managing Process

Cumberland can manage the entire process including:

  • Identifying markets and buyers
  • Negotiating pricing with buyers and outlets
  • Organizing transportation
  • Providing the necessary documentation, including certificates of destruction, etc.

Categories Managed By Cumberland Recycling Include:

  • Packaging – Cardboard, glass, and pallets
  • Plastics – including packaging and specialized or “engineered” polymers
  • Foods – including off-spec and outdated finished goods
  • Raw materials – including oils, flours, and concentrates

We Can Help

Cumberland Recycling can help with one-time events such as plant closures, refrigeration failures, etc. Let us know how we can help you manage your plant’s waste and byproduct today with our inventory cleanouts & event waste services.

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