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Our Waste Management Services:

Cumberland Recycling offers comprehensive waste management services to meet the needs of businesses and organizations of all sizes. Our services include waste collection, transportation, disposal, recycling, and sustainability consulting to help our clients reduce their environmental impact.

Our Commitment: Fairness | Responsiveness | Accountability | Environmental Stewardship

We make recycling more straightforward and cost-effective for the manufacturing and industrial business segments. We improve your bottom line through efficient and responsible recycling programs. Cumberland Recycling manages the activities that make recycling successful. This includes locating markets and buyers to use your plant’s discards as a feedstock for new products.

Allow Cumberland Recycling to show you how our waste management services can help your company reach its recycling and business goals.

Why Cumberland Recycling?

Cumberland came about from a series of questions:

  • How can we help manufacturers improve their financial and environmental performance?
  • How can we create efficiency between the companies that generate waste and those that can use that same product as a feedstock for their product?
  • And, finally, how do we engage the recycling markets in such a low-value, low-return environment to benefit all parties?

We quickly realized that the answers were in the questions: our margin reflects the improved efficiency we bring to each transaction. Assisting buyers and sellers to improve environmental performance creates value for them. So, in the end, our delivery of value to the transactional side benefits the environment. Cumberland Recycling can focus on recycling and ESG objectives for Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, and Logistics companies. Call us for more information.


Risk Management


Unplanned Waste Diversion

Management Services

We have evolved into a management services organization, providing customized waste and recycling solutions for the manufacturing and processing business community. We accomplish this through our sourcing guidance; revenue capture; optimized transportation and logistics; equipment and vendor management.

Our Team

We have a team of experienced professionals dedicated to providing efficient and reliable service, and we use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that all waste is handled correctly and disposed of in a safe and sustainable manner. Whether you need ongoing waste management support or a one-time solution, we have the expertise and resources to help you meet your goals.

Confidentially Move Forward

Ready to learn more about our expertise and the exceptional experience we offer? Let’s have a secure and confidential conversation to discuss our client list & knowledge and how we can help your business achieve its sustainability goals. Contact us today to unlock the full potential of our tailored recycling solutions!

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Management Services

Designed for organizations committed to meeting financial objectives while ensuring environmental compliance and stewardship. Cumberland’s comprehensive Management Services free your managers to focus on their primary roles by managing your packaging discards and manufacturing byproducts responsibly and efficiently. LEARN MORE >

Call Now to Minimize Your Risk and Maximize Returns


Brokerage Services are customized for the company requiring less comprehensive support but still facing the challenge of finding acceptable outlets for one or more production discards. Cumberland’s brokerage capabilities will identify the buyers requiring your byproduct or process waste in their businesses. LEARN MORE >

Find the Highest and Best Value for Your Waste

Equipment Rental & Leasing

Recycling opportunities can be missed when budgets are constrained. Equipment such as cardboard balers or similar processing equipment can be critical to a successful program. Cumberland can provide the resources and alternatives to supply the necessary equipment to take your recycling program to the next level. LEARN MORE >

Tell Us About Your Needs

Transportation Management

Recycling is about getting the product into the hands of those who can use it. Getting your goods to market safely and reliably is what our transportation group does: on time and on budget. LEARN MORE >

Ensure Safe and Cost-Effective Transportation

Food Waste Management

Food Waste is among our specialties. Knowing who wants it and getting it to them quickly is critical to maximizing its value for your operation. LEARN MORE >

Drive Environmental and Financial Efficiencies at Your Plant

Inventory Cleanouts

Moving outdated or unwanted products quarterly or annually is important to the health of your business. We have a portfolio of buyers ready to unlock the value of your overstock. LEARN MORE >

Manage Your Plant’s Waste and Byproduct

Packaging Waste

Ensuring that your facility’s ongoing production byproduct is managed efficiently is core to the value that we bring to our customers. LEARN MORE >

Build Your Recycling Plan

Solid Waste Vendor & Spend Management

Reducing waste collection and disposal expenses can free up budget dollars better used to facilitate the expansion of your facility’s recycling program. LEARN MORE >

Reduce Your Spend

Waste Auditing & Bill Pay Management

Understanding what your facility is generating and controlling the associated costs with efficient budgeting helps ensure a financially healthy bottom line.

Technologies & AI

Playing an ever-increasing role in measuring, managing, and reporting environmental and sustainability performance, understanding the role, and leveraging technology is critical in achieving your recycling goals.

Service Locations

At Cumberland Recycling, we are proud to serve the following locations: NY, PA, OH, IN, IL, MN, MO, KY, TN, AR

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