Chief among Cumberland Recycling’s portfolio of capabilities is product brokering. This involves locating suitable consumers for the commodity you choose to recycle. Critical to good brokering is knowing where to go and ensuring that your discard or byproduct does not become a liability to your organization. Brokering is an extension of risk management, balancing cost avoidance or revenue-generation with a quality consumer.

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Our Buyers

Cumberland Recycling maintains an extensive portfolio of buyers in the following categories and products to assist you in finding the right buyers in your region for the waste or byproduct that you want to recycle.

  • Packaging
    • Corrugated cardboard
    • Gaylords, drums and IBC totes
    • Trays, slip-sheets
    • Stretch-film
    • Pallets
  • Plastics (polymers and resins)
    • Rigid HDPE and PET
    • PVC and Polypropylene
    • Polystyrenes
    • Engineered grades (alloys / mixed)
    • Regrind / Re-work
  • Byproduct
    • Sludges
    • Line-flush (food-grade)
  • Food Waste
    • Bakery and Confections
    • Snack foods
    • Animal proteins
    • Fats and Oils
    • Juices and syrups
  • Electronics/E-Waste
    • Computers
    • Phones and Communication gear

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A Wisconsin-Based Manufacturing Company’s Story

“Cumberland got it done for us! My company had a surplus of boxes that we were trying to get out of our warehouse. After many attempts by myself, Cumberland came through when I thought we were out of options. We really appreciated them putting the time in, and not giving up until they had a solution.”