How Do Recycling and Sustainability Efforts Impact Corporate Hiring and Recruiting

The sustainability and recycling commitments of your company can have a significant impact on the community, economy, and environment. They can also affect your hiring and recruiting. Corporate sustainability is a strategy that includes how an organization operates in the realms of ethical, social and cultural responsibility, and finance. The benefits are proving to far outweigh the costs involved.

One of the areas that are positively influenced by the sustainability strategies of a business is in the area of recruiting and hiring. Here are some reasons why this is true: 

Millennials take social and environmental responsibility very seriously. They will be 75 percent of the workforce within the next five to ten years. Over half of all of them won’t consider taking a job at a company that doesn’t have strong social and environmental sustainability practices in place. A large percentage of all millennials are even prepared to take a cut in pay to work at companies that they believe are engaging in practices with which they align, e.g., social equity, environmental responsibility, etc. Today’s talent is focused on working with companies that are committed to driving positive change. So a company’s recycling and sustainability efforts are often perceived to be a crucial gateway in recruiting and retaining skilled employees and staff members. 

Recent studies have shown that employees are more motivated, engaged, and productive when they are working for a company that they know is leading the charge in socially and environmentally responsible practices. Especially when it comes to recycling. When asked, most workers communicate that they see sustainability as mandatory for businesses and that ignoring environmental impact in the workplace is definitely undesirable to them. In response, many businesses are now focusing on such sustainable improvements as responsibly managing discards and waste and purchasing renewable energy or energy credits. Both of these because it is socially and environmentally responsible. Another reason being that owners know that today’s workforce demands higher levels of commitment in the area of sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

Recycling and sustainability efforts in your organization will help you to recruit and, more importantly, retain the very best talent your market has to offer. It will positively impact the stability and productivity of your workforce while they are on your team, too. These same employees will be far more likely to stay with you for a longer period of time, as well, if they see that they are on a team that has a commitment to our society and our world. All of these factors will have a positive impact on your business both right now and in the years to come. 

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