How to Improve Your Company’s Sustainability Performance During Year-End Inventory Cleanouts

Cumberland Recycling provides manufacturers, food production, and logistics operators with an efficient and cost-effective alternative to their year-end inventory cleanouts. For organizations faced with near-dated, outdated, or off-spec inventory, Cumberland Recycling’s alternative will help manage this product in a financially and sustainably responsible way that will deliver improved environmental performance and metrics. 

The alternative that we are discussing today is a process that moves unwanted inventory into an alternative channel that can then be managed by being repurposed for re-use. For example, the pallets of obsolete cardboard boxes taking up valuable space in your warehouse can find a new home for their intended purpose as packaging. Expired food may be sold to a feed-mill that will blend it into a high-quality livestock feed for farmers. Fats, oils, and grease can be reprocessed into fuel. In any case, your product will avoid the landfill or incinerator and its costs. 

Putting this reallocation alternative into practice is an effective cost-savings practice for your organization. It will bring measurable improvements to your company’s sustainability reporting, as well. Handling waste can be difficult and time-consuming. It can also be expensive, with costs involved both in the initial purchases and then again at the landfill. Reallocating your waste into usable products that can either be put back on the market or beneficially reused will benefit your business by lowering the costs associated with your year-end inventory cleanouts. It can save you labor costs, too. It’s also good to know that this practice has social benefits as well. These include increasing your sustainability performance and reducing waste across business fields and industries. 

Your current and prospective customers and business partners will reward this focus and the value your company places on environmental responsibility and sustainability performance. This will directly affect your brand’s reputation with retailers and consumers who have been steadily expecting better environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance from their chosen brands. 

As we head into year’s end, you may have questions about improving your sustainability during your year-end inventory cleanout. If so, don’t hesitate to contact our Cleanouts Group by email at (please note here that .co is correct) to schedule a call to discuss your requirements 

Cumberland Recycling Co. exists to make recycling simpler and more cost-effective for the manufacturing and industrial business segments. We can improve your bottom line through efficient and responsible recycling programs. We also manage the activities that make recycling successful. This includes locating markets and buyers to use your plant’s discards as a feedstock for new products. Manage all the financial and environmental benefits of recycling with Cumberland Recycling!


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