Solid Waste Vendor &
Spend Management

Managing the hard costs associated with wastes that cannot be recycled is as important to your company’s financial health as recycling is to your company’s environmental reputation. Since 1992, the staff at Cumberland Recycling have been helping companies reduce costs through our Solid Waste Vendor & Spend Management services.

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Because waste is often an “out of sight, out of mind” expense center, costs can quickly grow unchecked. Escalators buried in contract language and obscure terminology are among the contributors that can turn a nominal cost-center into a sizable monthly expense. Like any other business input, having someone who understands that business, advocating for your interests, can make a very big difference over a three-to-five-year contract term.

Cumberland has the staff with the knowledge and experience to reduce existing costs and prevent out-of-control increases in the future. Most manufacturing, processing, and distribution facilities we work with have realized cost reductions of between 10% to 30%, with some surpassing 50% in annual savings.


Our Solid Waste Vendor & Spend Management Services Include:

  • Contract negotiation
  • Vendor pre-screening
  • Equipment selection
  • Right-sizing service levels
  • Technology applications
  • Ongoing vendor management

These services are offered on a gain-share/performance basis with no up-front costs creating alignment between Cumberland’s services and your goals. The better you do, the better Cumberland does.

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