What You Should Know About Inventory Cleanouts for Manufacturers & Event Waste

Since late 2019 Cumberland Recycling, has been asked to help about a dozen companies manage their outdated, close-dated, and expired inventories. And, if I do say so myself, we’ve become competent at addressing these challenges. These inventory cleanouts have ranged from expired food in Kentucky, outdated cardboard boxes in Wisconsin, pretzel containers in Pennsylvania, plastic “zip” bags in West Virginia, leftover salad containers in California, to an entire frozen-foods processor in Indiana, to name a few. 

How Do Inventory Cleanouts Work?

Inventory cleanouts are a classic “good news, bad news” situation. First, the good news. Obsolete or excess inventory is generally very clean, which processors and recyclers find desirable. The bad news? It’s a “one-off” opportunity, and the consumers of the product will have to find a way to “work it in” to their process. And, of course, scrap value is always less than its original cost. 

Inventory Cleanouts for Manufacturers

A pharmaceutical manufacturer was referred to Cumberland Recycling with nearly six truckloads of obsolete plastic bags used in the production process.  These were highly specialized flexible packaging, consisting of many different sizes and multiple polymers. We located a buyer for these bags and moved them out, making room for the new product. 

Inventory Cleanouts of Event Waste

Similarly, a food processor discontinued one of their production lines resulting in two trailer loads of food destined for the landfill. A quick-thinking manager contacted Cumberland Recycling, and after alerting them to the Federal Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act, which helps shield companies that donate food from liability, this product was redirected to a Food Bank in West Ohio. 

We have many more examples of companies that were pleased to convert their outdated inventory into revenue while freeing up valuable space. You will find several in Cumberland’s Google reviews. Please have a look. 

Outdated inventory bogs down business and takes up valuable time and space to manage, which could otherwise be used for newer, revenue-generating products. It’s not unlike technology. You wouldn’t go back to dial-up internet or hang onto your old car after you have replaced it. Why hang on to outdated inventory? It’s a sunk cost. Recycle or repurpose it and move on. 

To learn more about inventory cleanouts for your company, give Cumberland Recycling a call! We’d be happy to help you develop a plan to divert your company’s waste.


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