What We Do

We help countless food and beverage manufacturers today to benefit financially by diverting their bulk and packaged food waste from landfills to be put to beneficial use for feeding farm animals, creating natural gas and electricity, and making nutrient-rich soil.

We not only save our customers money – but we also handle all of the logistics and transportation, removing any hassle on their part.

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How We Can Help You with Diversion

Your operation’s byproducts and discards (waste) are commodities that have value for someone else. We view your discards as a valuable resource that can be diverted to another organization which uses that material to create something new, it has a very different and positive value. Knowing what this is and finding the organizations that can use it are how we unlock that value to ensure our clients maximize the return on their waste resources.

Cumberland can recycle many manufacturing and production food and beverage wastes, including:

  • Bakery (including bread, cookies, and crackers)
  • Candy and confections
  • Snack foods (including corn and potato-based products)
  • Proteins (including fish, pork, poultry, and beef)
  • Condiments
  • Dairy (including milk, cheese, and ice cream)
  • Beverages (including juices, soda, beer, wine, and spirits)
  • Grains (including pasta and flour)
  • Fats and oils
  • Waste-water pre-treatment sludges from food processing lines

Ensuring Sustainable Environmental and Financial Success

Delivering recycling programs that ensure “highest and best use” requires constant research and market knowledge to help ensure that we’re engaging with those buyers who value your operations’ waste as a feedstock for their production.

In managing food waste, Cumberland Recycling uses the EPA’s food waste hierarchy to deliver the highest and best use value for our clients. We know where to go with each product and consider things like transportation, logistics, and regional markets to ensure that our clients leverage the full value of their discards and byproducts.

Certified Destruction of Food Waste

Certified product destruction is when tainted products are destroyed or disposed of properly. The process is validated to ensure that the product is not being resold or utilized illegally.

Cumberland Recycling provides certified destruction of food waste as a service to its customers. Whether you have a product that is contaminated, outdated, recalled, spoiled, or failed to pass quality assurance, you cannot risk it reaching the marketplace. We can help.

You can trust that Cumberland will handle the materials safely and confidentially and provide you with written certification that the entire process has been completed.


Cumberland’s Client Success Stories

  • Diverted 4,933 tons of food waste for a global snack food brand for use as an ingredient in high-quality livestock feed rations.
  • Redirected 372 tons of products for a US-based Asian foods label, reducing disposal costs by $51,270.
  • Converted 1,280 tons (300,000 gallons) of syrup to equine feed eliminating $48,750 in disposal costs and generating $34,965 in revenue.
  • Transformed over 150 tons of wood pallets and crates into mulch and out of the landfill, saving a tier-1 automotive supplier over $3,600 while helping meet their annual sustainability goals.
  • Directed over 300 tons of plastics to processors to be converted into resin for use in new products.
  • Recovered over 500 used barrels and IBC totes for reconditioning and resale.
  • Over 100,000 pounds of burlap sacks were exported for reuse by cocoa farmers in West Africa.
  • Donated two truckloads of food to an Ohio food bank from a relocated food plant.